Server Emulator based on 5 executables only
 Minimum CPU & RAM usage control resources usage from configuration
 Enhanced Speed and Performance of Server applications
 Hyper-threading optimized files multi-core processors are no longer a problem
 Packets Queue System
 Built in Anti-Hack System
 Easy Configurable Environment minimalist configuration required to up and run server
 Detailed Logs System now you can keep an eye on what your players are doing


 HD Resolution Support
 Auto Reconnect System
 Glow System shinny your items in own colors
 Custom Items System add own items up to 512 per group
 Items Excellent Max to +13 
 Support of high attack speed for all Skills and Classes (no speed bug)


General Tools

 Stats Editor
 Create Account
 Skill Editor
 Game Master Editor
 Account Manager
 Block Account & Ban 
 VIP Manager
 Guild Manager
 Item Editor
 Credits editor

Database Management

 Search and delete empty or inactive Accounts
 Search and delete dupe Items
 Character Exp Fixer
 Items structure converter to Format
 and more...


 Item Finder
 Account Finder
 Status Checker




 Complete Season 1
 Max Stats: 32767
 5 Characters with all available evaluations
 Items upgrade up to +13
 Item options up to +28
 Original Small Wings System for Low level Characters
 Global Message (Post) Command with anti-flood option

 News and Notices System display global messages to your players on specified interval
 Advanced VIP System award your players with a range of benefits of being VIP
 Bonus Event System Adjust Exp rates for specified maps
 Cash Shop System award with cash or coin for every event type and Play Time
 Chaos Box System configure the rates the way you want
 Character Settings System get your character balanced, no matter of your server configuration
 Skill Settings System configure skills formula of each class and special mobs skills
 Buffer Bot System Customize the Bots to award your players with selection of Buffs
 Event Reward System Customize events (Blood Castle, Devil Square, Chaos Chaos and more) reward type and count
 Prohibited Words limit your players with the words that are not elegant
 Reset Item Manager required item to perform reset? Configure it here
 Item Bag Manager allows you to add New Event Bags yourself for and item or monster
 Drop Manager Configure drop the way you want, with no limits
 Auto Party System Leave an open door for your friends to join party while being AFK
 Configurable PVP Damage Reduction increases the PVP duration without changing the characters balance
 Configurable Castle Siege damage reduction increases the Castle Siege PVP duration without changing the characters balance
 Map Attribute System enabling or disabling PVP, Pk Penalty, Exp Bonus and Drop Rate for each map
 Zen Configuration customize the zen drop of each map




 Castle Siege
 Devil Square (1-7)
 Blood Castle (1-8)
 Chaos Castle (1-7)
 Golden Monster Invasion
 White Wizard Invasion
 Kalima (1-7) Event


 Heart of Love
 Golden and Silver Medals
 Star of Sacred Rebirth
 GM Box


         Smoke Effect
         Full 3D Camera F6 / F7
         Full Fog F8
         Full Mini Map
         Glow System F9
         Custom Commands
         Reconnect System 
         Custom Sets
         Expansion of Inventory and Warehouse 
         Display Server Time & Local Screen & FPS     
         Expansion of Inventory and Warehouse 
         Character HP Bar   
         Auto Pick /command 
         Reset count in CPANEL
         Right mouse click to chaos machine, trade functions
         In window mode in bar to add custom MU Name



 VPS / Dedicated Server



Operating System

 Windows Server 2012 (R2) x64

SQL Server

 Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (R2) x64



Installation Service for your Windows Server





 $21.50 USD / 1 Month
 $52.50 USD / 3 Months
 $94.00 USD / 6 Months
 $177.00 USD / 1 Year


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