1. Configuring Game Client to start

[ Season 12 ] Game Client Configuration

[ Season 6 ] [ Season 9 ] Game Client Configuration

Download Game Client for your Game Season and extract it in Personal PC. It is not recommended to run Game Client on Server PC - Windows Server distribution are not designed to run games and may miss required components.

Once extracted follow few simple steps making your Game Client copy ready to run

  • Run ToolKit in Server PC location.
  • Navigate to top menu → BMD Files → [IGC] ServerInfo
  • In Server Connection → IP / DNS area enter your WAN IP or hostname, not sure of your WAN IP? check it here
  • Optionally, if changed default TCP port for Connect Server in IGCCS.ini enter it in Server Connection → Port area
  • Optionally, if changed default port for Chat Server in its configuration enter it in Server Connection → IGC.ChatServer Port area
  • Enter version configured in previous parts of the guide in IGC_MapServerInfo.xml in Main Options Version area
  • Enter serial configured in previous parts of the guide in IGC_MapServerInfo.xml in Main Options Serial area
  • Select Language encoding for Game Client (necessary to display selected languages properly). For English only server select ANSI - 1252


For more information about language configuration refer to Game Client - Lanaguage and Font.

Additional options explanation

  • Main Options → Multi Client - options opens ability to run multiple game client instances on single PC, dedicated for Season 6 only, for Season 8 and later it is not configurable, enabled by default.
  • Main Options → Block from running on Virtual Machine - option will block ability to run game client in virtual PC environment
  • IGC.Launcher.Premium Options → Launcher System / Exe Name - enable only if you want to use Launcher. Exe Name is meant to store name of Launcher Application. Used to force run main.exe from launcher only.


Once completed select File Save. In appeared windows enter own password that will be used to encrypt the file and click OK and save the file as ServerInfo.bmd (he password is used later to open the file using the same editor).

2.1 Completing Game Client patching

To finalize the Game Client configuration

  • Place newly created ServerInfo.bmd file in \Data\Local\ location of Game Client.