1. Configuring MapServerInfo file
The tutorial will describe option that are necessary to be modified with your individual values for purpose of server start. Purpose and functionality of rest of the option is explained directly in the file within comments.
Follow to \Server\Files\IGCData\ and open IGC_MapServerInfo.xml file. You can see a list of servers available and mappings to them. Same as in IGC_ServerList.xml the first section of IGC_MapServerInfo.xml contains list of servers.


*Server Code for BattleCore Game Server cannot be changed and must be configured as 120*


		<Server Code="0"  Group="1" Initiation="1" IP="PUBLIC_IP" Port="56900" Name="Regular" />
		<Server Code="12" Group="1" Initiation="0" IP="PUBLIC_IP" Port="56912" Name="Market" />
		<Server Code="13" Group="1" Initiation="0" IP="PUBLIC_IP" Port="56913" Name="Arca" />
		<Server Code="14" Group="1" Initiation="0" IP="PUBLIC_IP" Port="56914" Name="Siege" />
		<Server Code="120" Group="6" Initiation="0" IP="PUBLIC_IP" Port="56120" Name="BattleCore" />

In case you have configured any additional Game Servers they have to be listed in the file as well. For default configuration the only change required is the IP="PUBLIC_IP". Replace PUBLIC_IP with your WAN IP, not sure? check it here
Second part of the file is ServerMapping. It is used to configure in-game map redirection to specified server. By default it is not necessary to modify this area unless additional game servers have been configured. If so the section must include information about each additional server. Configuration is dependent from server type.

		<Server Code="0"  MoveAble="0" MapNumber="30" DestServerCode="14" Name="Regular"/>
		<Server Code="0"  MoveAble="0" MapNumber="31" DestServerCode="14" Name="Regular"/>
		<Server Code="0"  MoveAble="0" MapNumber="34" DestServerCode="14" Name="Regular"/>
		<Server Code="0"  MoveAble="0" MapNumber="41" DestServerCode="14" Name="Regular"/>
		<Server Code="0"  MoveAble="0" MapNumber="42" DestServerCode="14" Name="Regular"/>
		<Server Code="0"  MoveAble="0" MapNumber="79" DestServerCode="12" Name="Regular"/>
		<Server Code="0"  MoveAble="0" MapNumber="92" DestServerCode="13" Name="Regular"/>
		<Server Code="0"  MoveAble="0" MapNumber="96" DestServerCode="13" Name="Regular"/>
	<!-- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -->
		<Server Code="12" MoveAble="0" MapNumber="30" DestServerCode="14" Name="Market"/>
		<Server Code="12" MoveAble="0" MapNumber="34" DestServerCode="14" Name="Market"/>
		<Server Code="12" MoveAble="0" MapNumber="31" DestServerCode="14" Name="Market"/>
		<Server Code="12" MoveAble="0" MapNumber="41" DestServerCode="14" Name="Market"/>
		<Server Code="12" MoveAble="0" MapNumber="42" DestServerCode="14" Name="Market"/>
		<Server Code="12" MoveAble="1" MapNumber="79" DestServerCode="-1" Name="Market"/>
		<Server Code="12" MoveAble="0" MapNumber="92" DestServerCode="13" Name="Market"/>
		<Server Code="12" MoveAble="0" MapNumber="96" DestServerCode="13" Name="Market"/>
	<!-- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -->
		<Server Code="13" MoveAble="0" MapNumber="30" DestServerCode="14" Name="Arca"/>
		<Server Code="13" MoveAble="0" MapNumber="31" DestServerCode="14" Name="Arca"/>
		<Server Code="13" MoveAble="0" MapNumber="34" DestServerCode="14" Name="Arca"/>
		<Server Code="13" MoveAble="0" MapNumber="41" DestServerCode="14" Name="Arca"/>
		<Server Code="13" MoveAble="0" MapNumber="42" DestServerCode="14" Name="Arca"/>
		<Server Code="13" MoveAble="0" MapNumber="79" DestServerCode="12" Name="Arca"/>
		<Server Code="13" MoveAble="1" MapNumber="92" DestServerCode="-1" Name="Arca"/>
		<Server Code="13" MoveAble="1" MapNumber="96" DestServerCode="-1" Name="Arca"/>
	<!-- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -->
		<Server Code="14" MoveAble="1" MapNumber="30" DestServerCode="-1" Name="Siege"/>
		<Server Code="14" MoveAble="1" MapNumber="34" DestServerCode="-1" Name="Siege"/>
		<Server Code="14" MoveAble="1" MapNumber="31" DestServerCode="-1" Name="Siege"/>
		<Server Code="14" MoveAble="1" MapNumber="41" DestServerCode="-1" Name="Siege"/>
		<Server Code="14" MoveAble="1" MapNumber="42" DestServerCode="-1" Name="Siege"/>
		<Server Code="14" MoveAble="0" MapNumber="79" DestServerCode="12" Name="Siege"/>
		<Server Code="14" MoveAble="0" MapNumber="92" DestServerCode="13" Name="Siege"/>
		<Server Code="14" MoveAble="0" MapNumber="96" DestServerCode="13" Name="Siege"/>
	<!-- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -->
		<Server Code="120" MoveAble="0" MapNumber="30" DestServerCode="-1" Name="BattleCore"/>
		<Server Code="120" MoveAble="0" MapNumber="34" DestServerCode="-1" Name="BattleCore"/>
		<Server Code="120" MoveAble="0" MapNumber="31" DestServerCode="-1" Name="BattleCore"/>
		<Server Code="120" MoveAble="0" MapNumber="41" DestServerCode="-1" Name="BattleCore"/>
		<Server Code="120" MoveAble="0" MapNumber="42" DestServerCode="-1" Name="BattleCore"/>
		<Server Code="120" MoveAble="1" MapNumber="79" DestServerCode="-1" Name="BattleCore"/>
		<Server Code="120" MoveAble="0" MapNumber="92" DestServerCode="-1" Name="BattleCore"/>
		<Server Code="120" MoveAble="0" MapNumber="96" DestServerCode="-1" Name="BattleCore"/>

Default configuration can be used as example, what you need to remember is to change Server Code attribute with unique value for each of the server. Adding sub-server is explained more widely in our other, dedicated tutorial of adding additional servers.
2. Configuring Server Info
Configuration of server version and serial is important part. The two values control gives ability to prevent players from connecting with unwanted, outdated or modified Game Client version.
Still staying in MapServerInfo.xml file find below content and modify as required

<ServerInfo Version="1.05.25" Serial="PoweredByIGCN800" /> <!-- Version Format: n.nn.nn, Serial format: 16 alphanumerical characters -->
  • Version: attribute accepts value of digits only in following format, n.nn.nn
  • Serial: attribute accept alpha-numerical characters only, maximum length is 16

The values will be important in later part of game client configuration for purpose of ServerInfo.bmd file generation.