1. Configuring Connect Server to start
The tutorial will describe option that are necessary to be modified with your individual values for purpose of server start. Purpose and functionality of rest of the option is explained directly in the file within comments.
Follow to \Server\Files. ConnectServer and open the IGC_ServerList.xml file. You can see a list of servers available to connect. In case you have configured any additional Game Servers they have to be listed in the file as well. For default configuration the only change required is the IP="PUBLIC_IP". Replace PUBLIC_IP with a hostname or your WAN IP, not sure? check it here


*Server Code for BattleCore Game Server cannot be changed and must be configured as 120*

	<Server Code="0"  IP="PUBLIC_IP" Port="56900" Visible="1" Name="Regular" />
	<Server Code="12" IP="PUBLIC_IP" Port="56912" Visible="0" Name="Market" />
	<Server Code="13" IP="PUBLIC_IP" Port="56913" Visible="0" Name="Arca" />
	<Server Code="14" IP="PUBLIC_IP" Port="56914" Visible="0" Name="Siege" />
	<Server Code="120" IP="PUBLIC_IP" Port="56120" Visible="1" Name="BattleCore" />

2. Changing Connect Server Port (TCP/UDP)
If by some reason you are requiring to change default ports for the Connect Server follow to  \Server\Files. ConnectServer\IGCCS.ini and change as desired.
If changing the TCP/UDP ports it will be necessary to update them in GameServer.ini of each Game Server and for ServerInfo.bmd which are discussed in later parts of the tutorial. 

3. Running Connect Server
To run Data Server simply double click IGC.ConnectServer.exe. If it runs and you can see logs with no error in the window then it is configured fine.