1. Chat Server for Friend Chat

2. Configuring Chat Server to start

The tutorial will describe option that are necessary to be modified with your individual values for purpose of server start. Purpose and functionality of rest of the option is explained directly in the file within comments.

Follow \Server\Files\ChatServer\ and open config.ini file

  • Find ExDB_IP =, if your ExDB Server (DataServer) is located outside local machine then configure appropriate IP for the setting key, otherwise leave unmodified
  • Find following part and configure database names if did not restore them with default names
    Name = "MuOnline"
  • Follow to the next part and configure username and password for the database user of the above - it is not advised to use super admin (sa) user
    User =
    Password =
  • Follow to next part and configure SQL Server Address that Chat Server will connect to. It is usually VPS name. You can check instance name by running SQL management Studio → Right mouse click on the top level position of the tree → select Properties and in newly appeared window on the right side follow to copy value of Name property. Note: ChatServer does not recognize two-part Instance name, for example: "INSTANCE-NAME/DOMAIN". After installing SQL with "Default Instance", your Instance name will be a PC/VPS name. (Refer to [Setup 2] SQL Server Installation).
    Address = "INSTANCE-NAME"
Configure WAN IP for ChatServer in /1. DataServer/IGCDS.ini
    WanIP = "PUBLIC_IP"
Open TCP port: 56980 in Firewall.


3. Running Chat Server

To run Chat Server simply double click IGC.ChatServer.exe. If it runs and you can see logs with no error in the window then it is configured fine.

If your Chat Server window starts with errors then configuration is not valid. In this case follow the tutorial again and double check configuration of the application and SQL Server.