*** IMPORTANT *** All text based .bmd files must be saved with encoding supporting language of the files content

1. Generating ServerInfo.bmd codepage (charset)

  • Run IGC.ToolKit and select BMD Files
  • In Codepage field enter expected value. Click "List" button for available options
  • Click File → Save from top menu and place newly created file in \Data\Local\ of Game Client location



1.1. Font configuration (optional)
Selection of specified language may require additional font configuration due to support proper display

  • Open \Data\Interface\GFx\fontconfig.txt
  • Edit font type supporting your language for following configuration key: map "" = "YourFontName"
  • [FontConfig "English"] must stay unchanged, no matter of selected language



1.2 Font Attributes
Font boldness, inclination and size can be controlled by adding proper values after font name as shown on example below

[FontConfig "English"]
fontlib "fonts/fonts_eng.swf"
map "" = "Microsoft YaHei" Bold Italic 13