Inspector - Server AutoStart and Monitor
Fully featured tool that will always keep your Server running.
General functionality of the tool is ability to automatically restart server applications if they are not in running state as also if they crashed.
The Game Servers, Data Server and Connect Server can run safety now.

  • Works in background
  • Ability to configure to restart only if application crashed
  • Ability to add unlimited number of applications to be monitor
  • Monitoring process is working on separate thread, which means you can stop or close inspector even while its in middle of processing some job
  • Ability to open each application with different user credentials (username, password, domain) Ability to configure start arguments for each application individuality
  • Ability to assign groups to applications for the use of Chain Restart
  • Detects "Not Responding" apps and re-starts them
  • E-Mail Notification System (based on connection to SMTP server)
  • Ability to pause/resume monitoring of apps and restarting response and restart timers (Monitor Status Viewer)
  • Every closed app is detected right after was closed, and re-opens again