1. Starting
The CRC Check System is designed to protect most important files of your Game Client. Basic system protects most vulnerable files only. If you require extended protection against other files you may be interested in checking IGC Launcher tool.
Once you have your server and game client configured follow to \IGCData\ and open IGC_Common.ini file. Find area as shown below

MainExeCRC = 0
PlayerBmdCRC = 0
HackDBCRC = 0
SkillCRC = 0


The entire system is enabled by setting CRC value on MainExeCRC key. If the check is disabled then all the other ones will have no effect despite configured values.


2. Configuring CRC Check System
The CRC of individual files can be checked using IGC ToolKit.
Checking CRC of a file


  • Download and open IGC ToolKit (Free)
  • Follow to open Others → CRC Calculator
  • Click Browser a file and select desired file
  • Copy the value generated and displayed in CRC Value area


Repeat the action for each file you want to check CRC Values against.


  • MainExeCRC - option allow to configure CRC Value for main.exe file
  • DLLCRC - option allow to configure CRC Value for IGC.dll file
  • PlayerBmdCRC - option allow to configure CRC Value for Player.bmd file
  • HackDBCRC - option allow to configure CRC Value for Database.bmd file (available for Season 6 only, leave at 0 for later versions)
  • SkillCRC - option allow to configure CRC Value for \Data\Local\Eng\Skill_eng.bmd file




3. Shipping Game Client to players while using CRC Check System
This is a very important step to follow to save inconveniences to your players.

The CRC Value of a file changes each time you copy it, paste or move to different location.

To prevent that it is necessary to compress the files into an archive directly after checking and configuring the CRC Values or by building a Shield Installer using 3rd party software. The second option is most popular one for shipping a software to the end-user - a player in your case.
if the end-user will copy, paste, move or modify the sensitive files after they have been extracted from archive or installer it will prevent him from entering the game. It will result in a disconnection right away after connection to the game.
It is worth then to proceed carefully all of the above instructions.